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Rescheduling/Cancellation & Refund Policy
*All requests for Rescheduling, Cancellations, and Refunds MUST be made via email to
 Students can reschedule a class at No Cost if more than one week’s notice is
given. A Service Fee o
f $20.00 applies if rescheduling happens less than 72 hours before the skills session, which must be paid before rescheduling.
Once you make the $20.00 payment, please email the preferred Date and Time to us at or

No Call No Show: If the student never shows up for the class or sends the rescheduling
request after the class has already started. (No refund, candidate must register again).

Class Registration Errors: 
Students are responsible for their own registration. If a student signs up for the wrong class, the student should email Divine Watch Training School at to change to the preferred course within 24 hours of receiving the Online Portion. If the Student does not communicate the changes needed, the student will be responsible for the Total Cost of processing the required Certificate if the changes are done after 24 hours. American Heart Association and CANNOT issue certificates to be changed after processing. Once the certifications have been issued, no refunds can be given. All Access Codes, just like product keys, cannot be claimed once emailed to the candidates.  

What is the cancellation policy for Online/Classroom /Instructor classes?
For online students, the cost of pre-paid course materials will be deducted for any cancellation before or after 10 days, after which the balance will be refunded as stated below. Cancellation of class attendance will attract the following refunds: 50% from 6 to 9 Business Days before the class comments; 25% from 4 to 5 Business Days before the class starts; 10% from 2 to 3 Business Days before class starts; 0% from 0 to 1 Business Day before the class starts. All communications regarding Cancellation or Rescheduling MUST be in writing, and the payment details must be attached so that we can make a refund to the right account. We Do Not receive your information, especially when you pay through Third Party websites/Apps. Divine Watch Training School reserves the right to withhold in the event of an error, suspected fraud, illegality, or other Third-Party Payment terms. Promotions are subject to change or withdrawal at any time and without notice.

Lastly, by paying for the course (sign-up fee), you agree to the terms and conditions that
applied to the course being pre-paid.
For any questions, please contact us at

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